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Me ,my children and my animals (my family) had to start completely over with literally nothing. We were fortunate, I connected with a couple of very kind human beings, as we worked our way “back”, who loved animals and were willing to work with me on pet deposits and rent. Throughout it all I tried to recreate a normal “home life” for my kids but the fact is we all did without. Absolutely no extras, and often times very limited or no essentials at all including food , medical care , etc. Support and resources were just not available or very difficult to find. We struggled for years but never gave up, sunded ourselves with good people, realized along the way what was truly important and ended up here. 

Our animals were with us throughout it all. Suffering the same. They still purred, cuddled an offered comfort and protection. Nina, our dog , most likely a pit mix, slept right beside me in my bed with head on the pillow next to mine. She was a loyal, trusted companion. A family member, who proved that loyalty to me and my children countless times. She could sense a bad person, if she didn’t like you or warm up to you, you were not welcome in our home. 

We adopted Nina from CCAC during better times and we lost her after we were working/rebuilding our lives. She became sick very quickly, and I couldn’t afford to give her the medical care she required. I couldn’t afford the emergency vet min fee , didn’t qualify for care credit and quite honestly couldn’t even cover the euthanasia fee. The fact that I couldn’t help her was harder than anything else we had been through. The loss for me and my children was profound. We all, at this point in our rebuilding process, had come to know what was important in this life and we all were helpless. I ended up paying our rent late to cover the cost of the visit and the euthanasia, but I couldn’t afford cremation, so we didn’t get to bring her home.

All this to say, we made it through, but it was so incredibly difficult. I thought at that time, if there was just something or someone out there who might be able to help even just a little, take one worry, one responsibility away....... wouldn’t that be great? 

This, in concert with an obvious need, which has been presented to me personally over and over again, is why we formed the Luckie Street Project and why do what we do. 

As I sit here and write this, I have one dog on my lap and one cat crawling all over me wanting my undivided attention, purring , making biscuits, a little irritated that I continue to write. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope this will give you some insight into The Luckie Street Project and you will see the value and worthwhile nature of our cause.

It takes A Village


The Luckie Street Project

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No need is too small , you just have to reach out and we will do whatever we can to assist and see you through.


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